I help Latina women build businesses and become leaders in their niche. From strategies to mindset, learn how to achieve sustainable growth and scale. Through proven marketing strategies and outcome-focused leadership, I'm helping women change the future of business. That's why I especially love working with women who are C-suite executives, founders, and entrepreneurs committed to empowering other women by elevating them into leadership roles, too.

The Digital Revolution: Marketing & Leadership

Deficits in marketing and leadership can cause a business to crash and burn. Two reasons why businesses don’t scale is because they aren’t using the right remote leadership techniques or don’t have an audience and a way to consistently increase reach. Great remote leadership skills and digital marketing are equally vital to growth.

The Digital Revolution

Technological advancements have moved us from an analog existence to a digital one. This changed consumer culture and redefined user experience, creating new and modern expectations. Following the digital revolution, the world experienced a global pandemic. Companies and governments alike abandoned their brick-and-mortar existences and transitioned to completely virtual operations. The pandemic and the subsequent transition led to the “The Great Resignation” of 2021.

While businesses struggle to establish new norms, future success depends on their ability to implement better strategies in both marketing and leadership.



Increased revenue happens when leadership inspires a team that is excited enough about the mission to be innovative and dedicated to executing the company vision. As a company grows, leadership becomes the foundation of team building. This positions a company to succeed at global expansion, in terms of both teams and customers. During the Great Resignation in the continued era of a pandemic, remote leadership skills have become crucial to business survival. While simultaneously transitioning to a global work-at-home model, businesses were losing their best employees. Women in leadership who know how to nurture their network and employees are able to improve outcomes. 

There are opportunities for businesses all around us. More than four and a half billion people use the Internet every day. There are 4.6 billion internet users worldwide. Statistics tell us that e-commerce sales are expected to top 6.5 trillion by 2023. 

According to Investopedia, “decades after the dot com revolution, B2C companies are continuing to dominate over their traditional brick-and-mortar competitors.” Companies that master remote leadership will increase their advantage.

Modern Digital Marketing

Great marketing strategies show potential customers how what your business offers is important. To stand above all the noise, you’ll need digital marketing strategies that turn casual followers into engaged fans and loyal customers. Decreased attention spans require a business to get in front of their customers for shorter durations at increased frequencies. 

The organic reach of social media is low, and social media is a borrowed platform that you have no control over. One algorithm change causes businesses to scramble for new ways to increase revenue and reach.

The growth of any business happens through the implementation of modern digital marketing strategies that goes beyond posting. Implementing proven strategy builds an omnipresent brand. Effective digital marketing strategies grow your customer base, increase revenue, and make a greater impact.

Growth Planning

If you’re going to use digital marketing strategies and remote leadership that build your business, you’ll need a plan to get there. It’s not enough to just show up.

You need clarity and the most effective strategies to reach your goals. That’s what I can help you do. I help your brand become omnipresent in your consumer’s mind and develop remote leadership techniques that increase employee retention and happiness.

Get the tools and practical training on digital marketing strategies and remote leadership skills so you build your team and audience to scale.

Digital Assessment
Digital Reviews
Social Media Assessment

Grab Your Free Instant Digital Presence & Site Performance Audit.

It’s important to optimize the things you are doing well and pinpoint areas of weakness in order to grow your business online. Building an omnipresent brand takes work, but with the right strategy, it’s not hard. 

I always recommend doing the quickest and easiest things first. As a thank you for stopping by, I’m giving you a comprehensive Digital Assessment with an easy-to-understand Digital Key Ranking in 7 Key Categories. This will show you exactly where you are succeeding and where you need to put in a little work. 

Your Digital Assessment will give you performance metrics and clarity in these seven areas:


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  • – Digital Advertising
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I'm Alicia Gonzalez

I help executives, founders, and entrepreneurs create digital marketing strategies that get results and teach leadership skills that retain the best talent. I have over 20 years of real-world experience in creating digital marketing strategies that convert and developing winning leadership strategies.

I focus on creating digital marketing campaigns that consistently generate revenue. I’m an award-winning, highly-certified digital marketing strategist and leadership coach who gets results for my clients.

I’ve worked with many different types of organizations to implement strategies and processes that create more conversions. 


Comprehensive Data Analytics

No matter how much data a business collects, data alone doesn't increase revenue or scale companies. Someone needs to make sense of all that data and then implement smart strategies. In fact, data collection should trigger more questions, which leads to the right questions. Then, we can get to the solutions that will grow your business.

SEO & Competitor Research

Forget about the overnight success stories when it comes to SEO. Real results take time, but it's worth going all in to master. When it comes to competitors, you must know more than their name and product line. Understand their customer, how they engage with them, where their strengths are, and how they're ranking.

Brand Awareness & Loyalty

Brand awareness + loyalty (can) = influence. Gone are the days when brand awareness could carry a company's bottom-line. Businesses must be able to convert loyal customers into organic influencers and use their own influence to leverage the buying power of their extended network. Click on the title in this box to read the article I wrote about this topic on Entrepreneur.

Optimization & User Experience

Every aspect of your digital marketing strategies needs to be optimized and focus on the customer, their journey, and experience. From hyper-personalized ads to your customer's shopping journey and post-purchase experience, optimization and user experience are key strategies for sustainable growth.

Content Marketing

Yes, content is still King. Customers are more tech savvy than ever before. They're not quite impressed with simply fast websites and attractive merchandise. They expect businesses to understand their values, priorities, and interests – then deliver that content with availability across platforms and locations. The bar has been raised.

Lead Generation & Engagement

Effective retargeting of existing customers is important. However, it's not enough to help a company reach its growth potential. Lead generation is a must when growing and scaling a business. The goal is to expand a company's audience, drive engagement, build trust, develop loyalty, and increase sales.

"In one single day, Alicia gave me the clarity and actionable steps to leverage her digital marketing strategies to take both of my businesses to the next level. I knew right then, she had to be my Mentor."
Porchia Marie | Featured Entrepreneur
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