Free SEO Audit Tool for Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

Free SEO Audit Tool for Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

Looking for a FREE SEO Audit Tool?

Grab a free SEO report now from our free SEO audit tool! This is your year to grow! Get simple no-cost solutions today. It starts right here!

Good SEO is about much more than picking a hot keyword for your content or using something with a heavy search volume. Imagine you wanted to rank for “Valentines Day.” Let’s take a look!


Screenshot from SEMrush

Wow! Look at that search volume; 823K. How about those results? At 288 million results in a broad match, how many scrolls do you think your reader would have to make before finding your content? Well, it doesn’t matter because I can tell you, they won’t keep scrolling long enough to figure it out.

Your free SEO audit tool report will analyze your existing content.

Do you have content already that you can optimize? I understand the value of having specific holiday content, especially if you are already utilizing a platform like Pinterest successfully.

Just like with video, the first three seconds are pretty much all you have to grab your audience’s attention. The same is true with scrolling.

Most people will be done scrolling through Google search results within three seconds.

That means you want to be in that Top 20! Keep in mind that it’s different on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram.

So, if you are still determined to use a keyword that will be difficult to rank on Google, try niching it down a bit, rather than using just a broad phrase.

Pro Tip: Create evergreen content that can be modified and optimized during a holiday and transformed back to evergreen later.

If you want to grow your business, start with what you have! That is true whether we’re talking about content or products. It’s normal to want more of everything. Take it one step at a time! When you start using what you have to it’s fullest potential, then you can think about getting more tools, products, content, and stuff.

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