Alicia is a ground-breaking innovator, complex problem solver and trusted professional.


In digital media, there’s a long-running debate over whether or not entrepreneurs should have a niche. Sorry, I’m not going to solve the debate for you, but I can explain why I personally chose not to have a niche. I chose to be an ALL-STAR!

First, life is about more than just money. Show up. Do good work. Solve problems. Love what you do. The money will come. So, I was never worried that I couldn’t make money as an entrepreneur if I didn’t find a niche.

Instead, I focused on developing my skill sets and staying pace with the constantly changing learning curves of digital media and consumer marketing strategy. That approach worked out better for me than I ever imagined it would! Developing a well-rounded skill set in Entrepreneurship, Digital Media and Marketing helped me scale my personal brands beyond my own expectations. 

I was able to take on more challenging and lucrative projects, expand my client base and increase my revenue streams. There are some great reasons why an entrepreneur should find their niche and work that audience, but it’s not a requirement for success.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an active volunteer. If it involves helping others, making someone’s day better and especially children, I’m in! My current volunteer roles include coaching soccer for youth teams through DSAL and Wish Granting through Make-A-Wish.

I’m the mother of five children, a wife, a serial entrepreneur and usually full-time working soccer mom. Family and friends often ask me where I find time to volunteer in addition to everything else I do. Well, if you read the “Are We a Match” tab, you know how I feel about time. I do things I’m passionate about and helping others is pretty high on my list of priorities, so I figure it out. 

It’s amazing how productive you can be when you are excited about how you are spending your time. If you have ever considered being a volunteer, I encourage you to try it! There are plenty of volunteer positions that have intermittent time commitments and flexibility, but they are still important roles in community building and support. 


One of my biggest successes in life is learning to do what I love. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Overall, it’s an amazing place full of diversity, innovation, and inspiring communities. It’s also expensive. Some people pay more for a one-bedroom apartment here than the cost of a mortgage on a five-bedroom house in lesser priced areas. Since I moved here in my early twenties, I had to work long days to keep up with the cost of living. During that era, I came to appreciate how valuable time is, not just to me, but to everyone. I learned never to waste other people’s time and to spend my own time doing things I’m passionate about. If you already know me, are just getting to know me or are considering hiring me for a project or role within your organization, this should explain a lot about who I am and my work ethic.

If I’m giving you my time, you’re getting my best attitude, skills and effort. What do I expect in return? We’re going to do something amazing together! It’s not even that expect to, I just know it to be true because I’m selective about who I work with. I partner with people and brands who are dedicated to positive outcomes. Time and people. That’s what we can’t get back in life so I take neither for granted.

I have expertise in marketing products and services, but my true superpower is my ability to engage people. Whether I’m dealing with a client, user, colleague or peer, my exceptional interpersonal skills are accompanied by a sincere desire to help others. Scroll down to see what people are saying!

Are we a match?



Alicia is the parent of triplets with Autism, the Author of a #1 New Release book on the subject and a Registered Behavior Technician. 


Alicia is also the Founder of ella Startups, an Adelante Media company. In Spanish, the word “ella” means she or her. So, ella Startups was born from Alicia’s desire to help women entrepreneurs build, develop and grow their own startups. 


Because of her work in the digital space, Alicia has an in-depth understanding of what children are often exposed to online. While she thoroughly enjoys innovative technology and social media, she is also passionate about supporting in-real-life youth programs and services. She works to facilitate community building and youth programs that give children opportunities to learn, create and engage with others. 


It can’t be all work and no play. Remember, I make the most of my time, and that means I make sure to have plenty of fun, too! So, here are some answers to questions you were never going to ask, just because they’re fun. 



Would you rather your shirts be always two sizes too big or one size too small?

Definitely two sizes too big! I was born in New York. I use that as my excuse for why I’m always talking with my hands. So, I prefer a little wiggle room in my OOTD.


Would you rather have seven fingers on each hand or have seven toes on each foot?

Okay, I’m going to need more information. Do shoes fit me when I have these seven toes or do I have to walk barefoot for the rest of my life? I’m going to say seven fingers on each hand. That’s four extra fingers, which is almost an extra hand and I’ve always thought that would be cool!


Would you rather Be a cow or a chicken?

I’d rather be a chicken. I don’t know why. Don’t judge me!

Alicia Gonzalez is an amazing person who has dynamic professional leadership and advocacy skills. She also has the ability to articulate needs compassionately, with empathy, and the technical and communication skills needed to address the breakdown(s) in any situation.


  Her positive attitude and professionalism have led many to seek out her help. Alicia is the one person you want to have in your corner. I have personally worked with Alicia on complex social media campaigns that required a great deal of detail and accuracy. She has tacked every task head on and always meets her deadlines.


Alicia has a large personality and she brightens the room when she is in performance or business mode.  She smiles through some really tough stuff and knows how to handle quickly changing circumstances.  She really has a servant’s heart and wants to make life better for others. 


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