Who is Alicia Gonzalez?

As a proud Latina woman, my passion is helping other Latinas and Hispanic women to build their businesses. From tactics to mindset, I teach executives, founders, and entrepreneurs to become leaders in their niche. So, why Latina women? 

Did you know that Latina women are among the lowest paid women in the US? According to the Economic Policy Institute, 41.8% of leisure and hospitality jobs shut down between February and May 2020. Latinx women made up 14.6% of those workers in the pre-pandemic economy. That was higher than any other group. An article in NBC News said, “Latinas have made historic workforce, educational and political gains, but they’re still playing catch-up on wages.”

So, what’s it going to take? Coming together! 

That’s why, as a Latina myself, I’m determined to change the future of Latina women in business by helping them be their own boss, start, and scale their businesses. They pay-it-forward by empowering and mentoring other women of color in business. Together, we are stronger and action moves the needle!

My own key staff is made of women-of-color from across the globe. Adriana is in the US. Prathibha is in India. Mukanda is in Africa. Criselda is in the Philippines.

I started learning about business and marketing strategies nearly twenty years ago as a Real Estate Broker before digital media marketing was an option. Relationship building was the key to growing and scaling a business. As a Broker, I built a successful referral-only business and robust remote team and network.

Already a parent of two children, I had a set of unexpected triplets, and everything changed. Managing my brokerage from home wasn’t working and I had to take a break. Despite being busier than I’d ever been in my life, I still wanted to work.

That’s when I started my award-winning lifestyle and parenting blog, 24/7 Modern Mom. That brought me other opportunities writing columns for several AOL-owned sites.

Philanthropy and community are the foundation of my success. I invest both my time and money into developing others. Currently, I am the VP of the local Board of Education and the President of the regional SELPA, among other roles that benefit those around me. I published a #1 New Release book about Autism. My advocacy and mentorship led me to speak on countless radio shows, podcasts, and special segments about disparities in entrepreneurship. I’ve been featured on commercials, print ads, countless Fortune 500 brand sites, interviewed celebrities, and more. 

Deficits in marketing and leadership can cause a business to crash and burn. Two reasons why businesses don’t scale is because they aren’t using the right remote leadership techniques or don’t have an audience and a way to consistently increase reach. Great remote leadership skills and digital marketing are equally vital to growth.

The Digital Revolution

Technological advancements have moved us from an analog existence to a digital one. This changed consumer culture and redefined user experience, creating new and modern expectations. Following the digital revolution, the world experienced a global pandemic. Companies and governments alike abandoned the brick-and-mortar existences and transitioned to completely virtual operations. The pandemic and the subsequent transition led to the “The Great Resignation” of 2021.

While businesses struggle to establish new norms, future success depends on their ability to implement better strategies in both marketing and leadership. Increased revenue happens when leadership inspires a team that is excited enough about the mission to be innovative and dedicated to executing the company vision. As a company grows,  leadership becomes the foundation of team building. This positions a company to succeed at global expansion, in terms of both teams and customers. 


Great marketing strategies show potential customers how what your business offers is important. To stand above all the noise, you’ll need digital marketing strategies that turn casual followers into engaged fans and loyal customers. Decreased attention spans require a business to get in front of their customers for shorter durations at increased frequencies. 

The organic reach of social media is low, and social media is a borrowed platform that you have no control over. One algorithm change causes businesses to scramble for new ways to increase revenue and reach.

The growth of any business happens through the implementation of modern digital marketing strategies that goes beyond posting. Growth happens with proven strategy and creating an omnipresent brand. Effective digital marketing strategies grow your customer base, increase revenue, and make a greater impact.

More than four and a half billion people use the Internet every day. There are 5.1 billion mobile users, and 196 million daily social media users. The statistics tells us that e-commerce sales are expected to top 6.5 trillion dollars by 2023.

There are opportunities for businesses all around us. If you’re going to use digital marketing strategies that build your business, you’ll need a plan to get there. It’s not enough to just show up.

You need clarity and the most effective strategies to reach your goals. That’s what I can help you do. I help your brand become omnipresent in your consumer’s mind.

You’re here to get the tools and practical training on digital marketing strategies that build your audience and increase revenue

Women in Leadership Knew

Let’s talk about the global issue that finally showed the world what I’ve been saying for years!

Yes, you can!  She can. They can. We will.

Let’s be real. Before COVID-19 became a global pandemic, corporate America and many entrepreneurs limited themselves and their businesses by believing decades of the same lame excuses that had been passed down for generations.

Get out of the house. Go to work. 

That was the expectation. Work happens at the office. So, we told ourselves and believed this and that just could not be done from home. We had also still held tightly on to the idea that women working from home weren’t really working, even if they were running a successful business.

When the government, Google, and Facebook started working from home, then people believed it could be done. Everything changed. Well, not really, because women always knew!

We knew.

There was no question in our minds that the world could be run from home. Sure, there were still some obstacles, logistics to work out, and a bit of discomfort as we transitioned into a remotely run world.

Us, though? The women who had been running lives from the carpool lane, kitchen counter, garage, living room, and play area – we knew! The women who stayed home because they couldn’t afford to work outside of the home and pay for daycare – knew. The ones who climbed the corporate ladder all the while fighting constant self-doubt and guilt over having to choose between going to work and staying home with their families – knew! This was already our lives. We’re glad the world caught up.

Entrepreneurs, don’t wait another day.

That’s our philosophy. Do it today. Yes, you can. And, if you have to, you can do it from a folding card table with a tempermental internet connection, kids fighting it the background, and a dog barking. But we didn’t have to tell you that because – you  knew!

It’s time to do what you know you can!

We’re cheering you on and would be honored to help you along the way.

~ Alicia Gonzalez

Because I believe that every woman entrepreneur can build, develop, and grow their business, I founded ella STARTUPS, a digital marketing agency focused on helping women-owned e-commerce businesses.

Now, as a Mentor and Digital Strategist, I help businesses use modern digital marketing techniques and strategies to expand their reach and get their message right and in front of their ideal client. It’s been said, that ‘Content is King’.

That’s only true if people are seeing your content, and want to see more! My passion is creating and strategically placing value-based content to build meaningful relationships that turn casual followers into loyal customers.

For nearly two decades, I’ve been implementing these strategies for my clients and teaching women entrepreneurs how to do the same. I turn losses into exponential gains.

Modern Marketing

Not enough businesses understand how to implement effective digital marketing. I’m on a mission to deliver effective marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. In a world full of Internet marketing gurus, there’s a desperate need for an expert that delivers results. That’s what I do. I don’t talk about what I’m going to do — I let my results do the talking. Stick around and be sure to sign up for my digital marketing newsletter.

My mission is to help people without digital backgrounds build and grow their brands.

Digital Marketing Strategist | Remote Leadership Coach

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