I'M ALICIA GONZALEZ Champion of Inclusive Marketing, DEI Leadership, and AI-Driven Success for Global Brands.

I guide companies to thrive in a diverse world, empowering them to connect authentically, scale impactfully, and lead the future of business. Together, we're building a more inclusive and innovative marketplace.

Meet Alicia Gonzalez

As a passionate journalist, marketer, author, keynote speaker, and advocate, I’m dedicated to amplifying diverse voices and fostering innovation in the business world. My mission extends beyond traditional marketing; it’s about creating a global impact.

The landscape of business is ever-changing, and the need for inclusive strategies has never been more vital. According to McKinsey & Company, companies with diverse executive teams are 33% more likely to outperform their peers. The power of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is not just a trend; it’s a necessity for sustainable growth.

That’s why I founded ella STARTUPS, a nonprofit dedicated to the global empowerment of underrepresented women as entrepreneurs and leaders. We’re not just leveling the playing field; we’re reshaping it.

As the founder and CEO of Adelante Media, a full-scale marketing agency, I help brands scale profits and impact through AI and data-driven strategies. We’re not just adapting to the digital revolution; we’re leading it.

My journey began over twenty years ago in the real estate industry, where relationship building was the cornerstone of success. As a broker, I learned the value of authentic connections and the power of a robust network.

Life took an unexpected turn with the arrival of triplets, leading me to explore new avenues, including launching my award-winning lifestyle and parenting blog, 24/7 Modern Mom. My writing opened doors to columns for AOL-owned sites and opportunities to interview celebrities, industry executives, and leaders in DEI.

Philanthropy and community remain at the heart of my success. Serving on the Board of Education and as the former VP of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Bay Area Chapter, I invest in developing others. My #1 New Release book about Autism and countless speaking engagements reflect my commitment to advocacy and mentorship.

Together, we’re not just changing the narrative; we’re writing a new one. Join me in leading the future of business, where innovation meets empathy, and success is inclusive.



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