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Best Digital Services for Entrepreneurs

Digital marketing builds followers, leads to increased revenue, and builds future business.

There is misinformation about what digital marketing is.

Organic social media marketing is not a full strategy. Using paid ads with a sales funnel doesn’t mean you’ll increase sales. A beautiful website (alone) is not enough.

There is no shortage of software, tools, and technology that works, but won’t build an effective digital marking plan without the right strategy. Using digital marketing tactics without an overall strategy is the best way to burn through resources without growth.

The Stats

Over four billion and a half billion people use the Internet every day. A proven digital marketing strategy provides an excellent opportunity to attain new customers, build your pipeline, and be omnipresent to your customer base.

Digital marketing works:

  • 62% of people worldwide use social media daily according to Gallup.
  • For every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting
    (Econsultancy, 2016)
  • Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.
    (Econsultancy, 2016)
  • 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases.
    (Retailing Today, 2014)
  • Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising and it costs 62% less than traditional marketing (Content Marketing Institute, 2020)
  • By the year 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce. (Nasdaq)
Alicia Gonzalez Entrepreneur

I’m Alicia Gonzalez.

I’m your partner in creating digital marketing strategies that get results. I have years of real-world experience in helping create digital marketing strategies that convert. 

I focus on creating digital marketing that consistently generates revenue. I’m an award-winning, highly-certified digital marketing strategist that gets results for my clients. 

I’ve worked with many different types of organizations to implement strategies and tactics that create more conversions.

I’ve helped businesses grow their online presence, communicate more clearly, and turn visitors into customers. I teach you how to make your business omnipresent through digital marketing mediums and strategies.

What I Do

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, improve customer retention, reduce customer acquisition costs, nurture potential leads, add automation, or use digital marketing to build your business — I can help you.

I’ve tested innovative ways to grow businesses through digital marketing, and I can help you figure out how to increase revenue through proven strategies.

Consulting Services

Training on practical digital marketing strategy. My consulting service provides strategy, education, and optimized digital marketing training. My consulting packages will give you the shortcut you’re looking for, and access to my strategic mind when you need it most.

Digital Marketing Assessments

A customized digital marketing assessment that gives you a snapshot of your current effectiveness. It will give you instant data you can use to make changes and stop wasting your digital marketing resources.

You can’t know what to do without first knowing what’s wrong. I offer a diagnosis, clarity, and insight on the state of your digital marketing efforts with an actionable report that reveals what’s working, what isn’t, and, more importantly, where you can improve.

Training and Speaking

I know what works and offer training in the following areas:

  • Building a target audience.
  • Creating a strong and collaborative network.
  • Email marketing.
  • Content marketing.
  • Social media management & engagement.
  • Converting leads.
  • SEO & SEM + Competitive Analysis
  • Online audience growth.
  • Paid advertising.
  • e-Commerce scaling.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Product launches.
  • Brand identity development.
  • Online business reputation and listings optimization.

Make Digital Marketing More Effective

I understand that every person and business is unique. I also understand that one-size-fits-all solutions are not effective or sustainable.

Not every person or company is looking for a comprehensive training program.

That’s why I offer flexible options and stand-alone services and training to meet your needs and budget — no matter the size of your business.

With my hands-on approach, I leverage decades of experience and best practices to help you optimize digital marketing while providing bottom-line savings. I can customize a solution that works for you.

I ask that you fill out the short form below. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours: 

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